Capital Raised on the TSX Venture Will Decline 70% from 2011

- August 12, 2015 - Comments

As of June 30, 2015, the TSX Venture in aggregate has raised $1.7 billion in capital and is on pace …

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Follow the Herd, End Up In The Slaughterhouse & Other Cliches

- August 5, 2015 - Comments

This cartoon, drawn by Keven Kallaugher (KAL) in 1989, was featured on cover of the Economist and it’s surprising how …

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Palisade Report: Toll Milling in Peru

- July 29, 2015 - Comments

Mining reforms in Peru have created a new defensive sub-sector in mining that is poised for further growth. While Peru …

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Removing New Issues, from 2011 to May 2015, the TSX Venture has had Over 1,200 Casualties

- July 26, 2015 - Comments

Removing new issues, from 2011 to April 2015, the TSX Venture has had over1,200 casualties, or has lost over50% of …

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TSX Venture Bear Market – Now At 1,073 Days And Counting

- July 23, 2015 - Comments

This chart seems to be making its rounds so we decided to update it. Unfortunately, since we last published it, …

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