Canada’s Oil Exports Are Dead Without U.S. Shale Production

- December 15, 2016 - Comments

How is it that Canada could be dependent on U.S. oil production? As of 2015, 36 percent of total US …

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Canadian Oil Is Building A Wall And Mexico Is Paying For It

- October 24, 2016 - Comments

Mexico and Canada have been waging a silent battle for market share in the US crude oil refining market. Since …

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China Ramps Up Predatory Acquisitions In Canadian Oil & Gas

- August 9, 2016 - Comments

Chinese companies have been a major acquirer of Canadian oil & gas companies as they look for a strong presence …

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Iran Could Change The Face Of OPEC

- June 13, 2016 - Comments

The mere mention of OPEC is almost instinctively accompanied by an automatic reference to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as …

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Technology: The Next Oil Superpower

- May 27, 2016 - Comments

Falling oil prices which started in late 2014 have highlighted an increased emphasis on the cost to produce oil, particularly …

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Suncor (SU) Consolidating Canada’s Oil Sands

- May 9, 2016 - Comments

As I write this article, a horrific forest fire has forced the entire municipality of Fort McMurray, Alberta to evacuate

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The Case For Occidental Petroleum (OXY) Buying Apache (APA)

- April 27, 2016 - Comments

At a time where many oil companies need to shed assets and spin off businesses to keep themselves alive, there …

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Saudi Arabia Comes To The Rescue of the Egyptian Economy

- April 25, 2016 - Comments

The Arab Spring uprising left Egypt with an assortment of leaders and an uncertain future. After the ousting of President …

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Iraqi Kurdistan’s Rise as an Independent Energy Player

- April 11, 2016 - Comments

Iraqi Kurdistan’s Oil Industry & Autonomy

Iraqi Kurdistan and the governing Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is in the midst of …

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Oman: A Beacon of Tolerance in the MENA Region

- March 14, 2016 - Comments

When Westerners think of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) conflicts they immediately reference the religious conflict between Sunni …

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