Lior Gantz: This is the Biggest Test for Gold Yet

- October 16, 2017 - Comments

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If you look at the 2011-2017 gold chart, …

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Jason Mayer: An Explanation of Flow Through Shares

- October 13, 2017 - Comments

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Jason discusses how flow-through shares (FSTs) work. They are similar to ordinary common …

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James Rickards: War With Korea Inevitable A Black Swan Looms

- October 11, 2017 - Comments

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Jim discusses how most financial concepts are easy to understand. Dollar and …

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Daniel Major: 75% of Uranium Producers Are Now Losing Money

- October 9, 2017 - Comments

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Daniel says the uranium market took a beating due to a new …

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Precious Metals Video Update: Gold & Gold Stocks Bounce

- October 8, 2017 - Comments

We look at the internals of the gold stocks which portended to a bounce, the US$ and bond yields as …

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Anthony Milewski: Nickel Demand to Greatly Increase as Battery Technology Advances

- October 5, 2017 - Comments

Anthony discusses how the electric vehicle market is growing. China and India are moving towards electric vehicles in part to …

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George Glasier: Rising Vanadium Prices Could Increase Uranium Production

- October 1, 2017 - Comments

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George thinks the uranium price hovering around $21 means that …

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Copper Prices Are In Bull Market Territory And Will Continue to Climb

- September 19, 2017 - Comments

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Cameron thinks the recent run-up in price has been long overdue. …

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Peter Schiff: Beanie Babies, Bitcoins, and What’s next?

- September 17, 2017 - Comments

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Peter discusses the debt ceiling saying, “We blew through 20 trillion in …

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Doug Casey: Bitcoin is Going to Drive Gold & Silver to All Time Highs

- September 15, 2017 - Comments

Doug discusses the commodity markets and why the most important thing is what they do cyclically. Most commodities are down …

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