Precious Metals Video Update: Gold Follows Miners Higher

- February 9, 2017 - Comments

Gold reversed its breakdown and followed the miners higher over the past two weeks. GDXJ is leading. We update our …

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Frank Holmes: Time To Grab the Commodity Bull Market By the Horns

- January 29, 2017 - Comments

Frank discusses the gold and bond markets and how they have been driven by global uncertainty. Bond rates have begun …

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Precious Metals Video Update: Bearish Reversal in Gold but Miners Show Relative Strength

- January 29, 2017 - Comments

Gold formed a bearish reversal on its weekly chart right at a confluence of strong resistance at $1220/oz. If this …

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Goldspot Discoveries – The Data Miners Strike Back

- January 25, 2017 - Comments

Goldspot Discoveries is at the forefront of artificial learning and machine learning in the mineral exploration business.

Come visit us

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Sprott Monthly Market Update with Rick Rule: Optimistic on Gold & Cautiously Bullish on Gold Stocks

- January 22, 2017 - Comments

Rick sees weak global demand for almost everything, however there is a sentiment change for resource stocks. He thinks this …

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Jordan Roy-Byrne: Positive Divergence Between Gold and Gold Stocks Spells Bright Future

- January 18, 2017 - Comments

Gold miners and the spot price have recently diverged with mining stocks beginning to lead. Jordan is bullish on miners …

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David Cates: Institutional Money is Pouring Into Uranium Stocks

- January 14, 2017 - Comments

David says there has been a huge amount of interest this week in Denison Mines, as the uranium spot price …

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George Glasier: A Real Market Shift In Uranium Is In Play

- January 12, 2017 - Comments

George was pleasantly surprised by the 2016 upturn in the uranium market. The utilities have moved in and started buying …

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David Skarica: Don’t Become Complacent With Stock Markets This High

- January 10, 2017 - Comments

Gold stocks declined in the November-December period as David expected. There has been a very defined downtrend since summer which …

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Precious Metals Video Update: Oversold Bounce Begins…

- December 30, 2016 - Comments

Gold and gold stocks begin their much anticipated oversold, post-tax loss bounce. We provide rally targets and discuss the implications …

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