Iconic Minerals (TSXV:ICM) – The Only Lithium Deal Backed By Gold

- October 5, 2016 - Comments

Lithium companies continue to lead the stock market. While the TSX Composite gained about 13% year-to-date and S&P 500 scored …

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Update – Carube Copper’s Deal Of The Century

- September 30, 2016 - Comments

The whole notion of prospect generation centres on ‘using other people’s money’ across numerous exploration projects. The idea was derived …

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Nevada Exploration (TSXV:NGE) – Gold Exploration With A Cheat Code

- September 14, 2016 - Comments

With the gold markets finally picking up, Nevada Exploration is finally ready to deploy its magic bullet in a big …

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This Chart Predicts At Least Up to $164 Silver! – What Happens If The Current Silver Bull Market Performs Like Previous Ones

- September 8, 2016 - Comments

Last week we put out the same chart, but for gold prices and received an overwhelming response. We also received …

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This Chart Predicts $4,000 to $8,500 Gold! – What Happens If The Current Gold Bull Market Performs Like Previous Ones

- August 31, 2016 - Comments

The current gold bull market is just over 6 months old, and while it has not been a gentle ride, …

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Too Much Money, Not Enough Gold

- August 24, 2016 - Comments

The gold to monetary base ratio is at an all-time low. And before anyone says monetary base growth is not …

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It’s Time For The Stock Market Crash – All Three Major US Indices Have Broken Record Highs

- August 17, 2016 - Comments

The last time the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), and NASDAQ closed simultaneously at record highs, each index …

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Dwarfs Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants – Latin American Minerals (TSXV:LAT)

- August 9, 2016 - Comments

Dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants, or nanos gigantum humeris insidentes, means to discover the truth by building …

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UGE International Ltd (TSXV:UGE) – Solar Power Is Getting UGE

- July 22, 2016 - Comments

In 1889, the Eiffel Tower was built to celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution, but it soon became a …

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No More Easy Gold Discoveries

- July 20, 2016 - Comments

Looking at the past 20 years, exploration spending for gold peaked in 2012 when mining companies spent a total of …

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