Tripling Down on our Nickel Bet with this Stock

- January 29, 2018 - Comments

We think 2018 is going to be a big year for gold and silver and other base metals.

But as …

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Making More Money Than Bitcoin Through This Cobalt Stock

- January 16, 2018 - Comments

You probably made a killing in Bitcoin and other cryptos this year.

And if you haven’t – don’t be left …

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India – The 3rd Largest Car Market – Announces Only Electric Vehicles To Be Sold By 2030

- January 8, 2018 - Comments

India’s government just shocked the automobile and commodity marketplace.

They made the ambitious move in declaring that by 2030, all …

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Cobalt 27 Closes $85M Financing To Pave Way For Streaming As Cobalt Surges 12% In 1 Week

- December 13, 2017 - Comments

Cobalt 27 Capital Corporation (CVE:KBLT) made a bold push this week in becoming Canada’s first battery metals focused streaming company.…

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Uranium Superstar Goes All-In On Impending Nickel Crunch

- November 2, 2017 - Comments
Uranium Superstar Goes All-In On Impending Nickel Crunch
Mike Beck is surgical when it comes to investing.

Utilizing a top-down

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Commodities Have Bottomed – Which One Is Poised For The Greatest Return

- August 16, 2017 - Comments

In the last couple of years, we have seen the majority of commodities bottom out, finally seeing some signs of …

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Cobalt Set To Rise To By 130% – Cobalt 27 (CVE:KBLT)

- June 14, 2017 - Comments
Cobalt Set To Rise To By 130% – Cobalt 27 (CVE:KBLT)

Palisade Research was one of the first to begin …
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The Difference Between Cycles & Shifts In Paradigm

- June 6, 2017 - Comments
Early this week, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Yemen, and Libya all suspended diplomatic relations with …
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Can You Guess The Worst & Best Performing Commodities of 2016 & 2017?

- May 1, 2017 - Comments

Before scrolling down, take a guess at the three best and worst performing commodities of 2016 and 2017!

Ok now …

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The Perfect Marriage Of Lithium & Cobalt – LiCo Energy (TSXV:LIC, OTCMKTS:WCTXF, FRA:43W1)

- February 1, 2017 - Comments

Current Price: C$0.175
Shares Outstanding: 84.8 million
Market Capitalization: C$14.8 million
52-Week Range: C$0.035 –

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