I Just Visited America’s Next Gold Mine & They Are Sponsoring Our Event On Jekyll Island!

Palisade Research August 25, 2017
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A couple weeks back, I had opportunity to visit the burgeoning Moss Mine project in Northern Arizona. With the first gold pour just a few weeks out, this is unquestionably America’s next gold mine!

The mine is owned by Northern Vertex Mining Corp., a venture listed company led by CEO Ken Berry.

Ken has been a friend of Palisade for some time and with first pour coinciding with our Jekyll Island event, we figured there was no better mining company to sponsor our event than Northern Vertex.

The Palisade Global Hard Asset Conference on Jekyll Island is coming up October 19-22, with Eric Sprott as our keynote speaker. We have a great weekend of fun and networking lined up. Visit www.palisadeconference.com for more information.

I wanted to shares some pictures with you from the visit to show the progress at the mine.


Collin Kettell, Palisade Global Investments Ltd.


Pregnant ponds prepared for liner installation.


500 horse-power crusher installation underway at Moss Mine.


Convoy of conveyors on their way to Moss Mine site.


Heap leach pad liner installation.


Heap leach pad liner being laid down.


Collin Kettell, Palisade Global Investments, standing in front of heap leach site.


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