Rick Rule: Day Follows Night And A Bull Market Will Follow A Bear Market – 9/11/13

Collin Kettell September 10, 2013
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According to Rick, bear markets, like the one we are in, are the authors of bull markets and the duration and the extent of the recovery is determined by the duration and the extent of the bear market. The bull market, when it comes, will be spectacular indeed. Rick reiterates that this is a question of when, not if. After 35 years in the business, Rick knows that day follows night, and a bull market will follow a bear market.

In speaking about uranium, Rick believes that a move up in the spot price is inevitable, just not necessarily imminent. Investors in the sector must be willing to wait 2-3 years and be willing to average down.

Rick is most interested in the very, very few large high-grade uranium deposits. Everything that can go wrong with a large mine can go wrong with a small mine, but a small mine can never make you big money.

In discussing platinum group metals, Rick says he really likes the PGMs business. The near term fundamentals for platinum and palladium are very attractive. Gold and silver are produced ubiquitously around the world as byproducts of many other metals. Platinum and palladium, on the other hand, are produced mostly in platinum and palladium mines, predominantly in just two countries — South Africa and Russia.

Rick Rule is Chairman of Sprott US Holdings, part of the $10 billion Sprott Group of companies. Rick began his resource-investing career in 1974, and founded Global Resource Investments in 1992. The firm is the only firm in the United States that is exclusively focused on natural resource investments.

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