The Cobalt Supply Crunch Is Coming

Palisade Research October 20, 2016
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Cobalt is already in a deficit.  Looking at the state of current cobalt production, there is not enough supply to satiate the coming green revolution. There are no large scales copper or nickel projects with cobalt by-products poised to break ground in the near future, it will be up to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to shoulder the burden of the supply load moving forward. There is nowhere for cobalt to go but up.

Palisade Research will be releasing a 20-page primer on cobalt next week, which will include 2 of the best companies in the cobalt sector.

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4 Responses on “The Cobalt Supply Crunch Is Coming”

Carl Schupp says:

I would love to hear all you have to share about Cobalt.

Michael O'Leary-Colllins says:

Yes please to your generous offer of a copy of your cobalt research/report.

Edwin Durand says:

I would like to know more on Cobalt. I know of a prospect discovery in the U.S.

Steev Tshipeng says:

We are busy working on the improvement of cobalt recovery on DRC Cu-Co ores treatment…And results are quiet interesting. Hopefully DRC will improve on Co recovery

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