Would You Rather Own Facebook, Or All The Precious Metal Companies In The World?

Cejay Kim November 25, 2015
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Last week we compared the five largest companies on the NASDAQ to the publicly listed metals & mining universe. This week we refined the universe a bit more and compared the tech behemoth Facebook to the precious metal players.

Facebook (FB), which boasts a market cap of $300 billion, is nearly double the entire publicly listed precious metals universe, which has a market cap of just $170 billion!

That begs the question: Would you rather own Facebook or every single publicly listed precious metals company in the world?

With Goldcorp (GG), Newmont Mining (NEM), and Barrick (ABX) declining on average 80%, it is hard to conceive a much lower valuation for the sector.

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5 Responses on “Would You Rather Own Facebook, Or All The Precious Metal Companies In The World?”

Naveen Rishi says:

Owning all the publicly listed precious metal companies would be a better option given their recent correction in valuations and any uptrend in demand of metals will surely increase their stock prices. These stocks are near their low and it is worthwhile to add them to one portfolio.

Arash says:

I prefer Facebook
It is soft money if you understand it it makes it more valuable to you than all those metal stuff
Facebook control most humans on earth
Without humans those metals are worthless btw there are plenty more of them on earth and other planets they don’t have much real value !

Tony Simon says:

Unless precious metals companies change radically by learning to exert more business control over financing their futures, the answer has to be “Facebook”.

Joe says:

Considering the 10 year cycle of movement in precious metals. I see no reason to not own metal.. They have all maintained purchasing power and even had massive gains EVERY decade. We are seeing the low end right now.. Possibly another year or 2 of lowering to the lowest denominator allowed by market manipulation.. Then the cycle renews and we will start seeing the rise. Last decade saw both silver and gold soar on the high-end in compared to previous cycles high-ends, while even the low end was still a solid 40-60% up on the previous low-end part of the 10 year cycle.

Ray Newton says:

The only danger to the price of Facebook ( as it is with any listed company)is from those ‘behind the curtain’ of ‘MM’ (market manipulation) to create the ’cause’ to scare people out, long enough
for them to pick up the ‘dumped’ shares, before they spring back up again higher than before.

This could happen during a full market fall, or just for any well conceived excuse.

It has nothing whatever to do with Zuckerberg, he merely ‘minds the store’ in the same way as the US president, or Yellen, the fed. They all act, and do as they are told.

Just be aware, that as long as people exist, there is no end to the supply of the ‘product’ (rubbish talk) along with its demand.

Its ‘users’ provide freely both the supply and demand, and it can be distributed around the world, at the speed of lightening, even to darkest Africa, or the frozen north. It can be used no matter the state of an economy in general, or in time of war, or peace.

What better can be envisaged as a ‘buy and hold’ after paying due respect to ‘timing’ of entry.

The all important ‘TREND’ will continue ‘UP’ in the long term. So even if ‘wrong foot’ the entry, the price will eventually play ‘catch up’.

Need I, or any person with a brain in their head, say more?

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