About Us

Palisade Research is the subscription research arm of Palisade Global Investmentsa successful investing firm that’s a mix between venture capital and a family office.

The Palisade Team is a group of contrarians and experienced investors writing about. . .

  • Macro-Situations
  • Gold and Silver 
  • Mining and Exploration Stocks 
  • Currency War Strategies
  • Fat-Tails and Black Swan Plays
  • Commodity Trends
  • Sector and Industry Cycles  
  • Mental Models
  • And Above all Else – Asymmetric Opportunities

But what really separates us from other market research sites is that we make volatility and uncertainty our friend to work for us – not against us.

Instead of watching your portfolio blow up in the next 2008-like-crash, we use the volatility to our advantage and invest in things that will profit during the turmoil.

Gold and Silver stocks are our expertise – we invest heavily in the mining and exploration sector. 

We are Value Investors at heart – always looking for bargains and a thick ‘margin of safety’.  

Cycle theory is paramount to us – bear markets create bull markets, and vice versa.

Understanding where you are in the cycle is key to making out-sized returns. 

As of right now, Commodities are at their cheapest relative to stocks – and we are taking advantage of it.

We have a successful track record of discovering asymmetric opportunities – low risk & high reward.  

Always finding strategies with ‘positive optionality’ – that means we aim for unlimited upside with low, fixed risk

But most importantly, we turn theory into actual practical advice for our readers.

These aspects combined make us one of a kind – there’s nothing else like it in the financial research industry. . .

Meet the Palisade Research Team

Adem Tumerkan

Editor-in-Chief of Palisade Research

Before joining Palisade Global Investments, Adem was a Research Analyst at Stansberry Research – one of the world’s leading investment newsletter firms under Agora Financial. He learned to both analyze investments from industry experts and how to write. His expertise is in the mining sector and commodities. Adem has written reports and editorials for various well-established financial sites and firms. He has spoken at exclusive international investment conferences and has been featured on investment panels. He’s also advised public and private companies in the mining sector, as well as orchestrated and organized private placements. Adem is a born contrarian and has extensive knowledge of markets, financial history, and economics. He is a value investor and fascinated with cycle theory. But his focus on ‘black swans’ and how to position oneself to make huge returns during volatile times is what really separates him from the rest and made him a great fit at Palisade Global. Follow on Twitter: @RadicalAdem