Alex Molyneux: Uranium Will Continue to Climb Higher

Collin Kettell March 12, 2019
Category: Palisade Videos

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Alex discusses his career and experience working with Robert Friedland, Ivanhoe and Paladin Energy. Uranium contracts can distort the actual value of uranium and price action lately has been driven by KazAtomProm and Cameco. Utilities will only be able to push off signing new contracts for a short while then the market is going to become much more interesting as these unwind. Higher prices are required to maintain existing supply while much higher rates will be necessary for any increase in demand.

Time Stamp References:
0:45 – Alex’s career in finance and mining.
1:50 – His opportunity from Robert Friedland.
4:30 – Restructuring Paladin Energy.
6:50 – His uranium fund.
8:50 – Outlook for uranium.
11:00 – Cameco’s inventory levels and uranium supply.
14:00 – KazAtomProm
15:45 – Uranium supply and potential deficits.
17:30 – Supply contract structures.
22:00 – Shorter contracts.
23:30 – Utilities have to renew soon.
25:00 – $50 Uranium need to maintain supply.
28:00 – His focus on particular commodities.
29:00 – Why lead may be a good opportunity.
30:10 – Galena Mining Limited

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