Ali Zamani: Former Goldman Sachs Manager Says Gold And Gold Stocks Are Best Investment

Collin Kettell March 24, 2017
Category: Palisade Videos

Ali discusses how people compare the current financial situation to those of the past, however the big picture is usually different, as the underlying economic circumstances have changed. The US has real competitors unlike the 1950’s and the demographics are radically shifting. The US deficit will continue to grow in part due to baby boomer retirements, their pensions and health care.

Ali says that you usually get hyperinflation from a big FX trade, that’s how the Ruble inflated with Russia in the 1980’s. To get high inflation in the US FX traders have to be buying something else, and there really isn’t much else to buy. All of the other currencies are too small to absorb the US dollar.

He thinks that worldwide deficits and negative interest rates will continue to grow. The decline of the US Dollar will be a lengthy process. Eventually negative rates will affect people’s purchasing power and savings, then they will seek alternatives.

He sees inflation in the wage sector, at 10% year over year, but thinks the Fed can handle it for now. If they raise interest rates a quarter point they can absorb a considerable amount of it and transfer 50 billion to the yield curve. They would like interest rates at 2-3 percent, and this will result in trillion dollar deficits.

He thinks gold is by far the best investment and is cheap by any measure. The entire industry has been destroyed on the funding side and is struggling to finance and maintain projects. He expects a healthy gradual long slow base to form in gold.

Ali discusses what to look for in gold mining companies. He has interests in Source Exploration a Canadian Company with operations in Mexico.

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