Anthony Milewski: 2018 Was The Tipping Point For Electric Vehicles

Collin Kettell January 15, 2019
Category: Palisade Videos

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Anthony discusses the increasing adoption rate for electric vehicles and how they are higher than expected for 2018. There is real demand by consumers for electric vehicles, and people are prepared to buy them. The real story will be in China where the need to clean up the air has created a government mandate to build an electric vehicle industry.

Anthony gives his thoughts on the supply and demand picture for cobalt and how that will change in 2019. He says, “The next push will come as adoption rates increase.”

TimeStamp References:
1:30 – Vehicle adoption rates are startling.
2:10 – Consumers are prepared to buy.
2:30 – China is creating an industry for E.V.
4:00 – Cobalt market supply and demand.
6:30 – Copper why all-time highs are coming.
8:00 – Copper will be a tremendous metal to own.
9:00 – E.V. subsidies and macro risks.
11:00 – Other battery metals.
12:30 – Cobalt 27 royalty in Australia.

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