Brad Cooke: A Legendary Geologist Talks Gold & Silver In Mexico!

Collin Kettell January 20, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Brad Cooke is a legend in the mining space. He has been active for 40 years, which means that he has witnessed many cycles of mining. Brad is the Founder and CEO of Endeavour Silver, one of the world’s fastest growing silver producers. Additionally, Brad is the Founder and Chairman of Canarc Resources, a Mexican silver play that is prepping for production.

The Dow has had a major correction this year – a pattern similar to 2008, but stretched over a longer time period. However, things will turn upward for the miners in the near term. The pending upwave in commodities should reward carefully selected stocks in a big way. According to Brad, it is time to start positioning yourself. Canarc is one of those opportunities that precious metals investors ought to look at.

Talking Points for this weeks interview:
• Buy when there is blood in the streets and gold stocks are haemorrhaging
• Is the bottom in gold finally in?
• Will Silver outperform gold in a market upturn?
• And wise words from a lifelong speculator

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