Chris Temple: The Mining Sector Bottomed at the End of 2013

Collin Kettell December 3, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates, or not? How will this effect the price of precious metals and the stock market? Was the bottom in mining securities in 2013?

Chris Temple is the editor and publisher of the well respected website He has often appeared in top level financial publications such as Forbes, Baron’s Online, CBS Marketwatch and Gold News Weekly. His newsletter, National Investor, was added to the Hulbert Financial Digest, the leading rater of financial newsletters, Chris is called the most knowledgeable analyst of the gold market anywhere.

Talking Points for this week’s interview –

• The impact of a Fed interest rate hike
• Have we seen the bottom in mining stocks?
• The future for precious metals prices
• Where to invest in the crazy times?

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