David Brady: Commodities Set to Move Much Higher

Collin Kettell March 6, 2019
Category: Palisade Videos

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David discusses his background and approach to managing money for over twenty-five years. David believes gold will truly bottom and rally once the Fed reverses policies. Long-term he can only see gold going much much higher as Central Banks will inevitably create an MMT insanity on steroids. Try to read between the lines and keep an eye on the Fed’s policies. They are trying to build ammo for a crisis that they know is coming.

Time Stamp References
0:45 – David’s background and interests.
2:20 – Gold and silver sector outlook.
3:00 – Fed has yet to reverse their policy.
6:30 – COT Analysis for gold.
8:30 – Why gold will go multiples higher.
9:30 – Tax receipts are down recession is highly likely.
12:30 – Effects of inflation and commodities.
14:00 – Avoiding bias in investments.
16:00 – What attracted him to gold.
18:30 – Watch the Fed, they will change course.
22:00 – Fed will try and raise rates and it will backfire.
23:00 – Risk of loss of confidence in US assets.

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