David Rosenberg: We are Back in a Bull Market for Gold

Collin Kettell March 8, 2019
Category: Palisade Videos

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David started his career on Bay Street in Toronto as a financial economist at the Bank of Nova Scotia on October 19, 1987, which was a rather auspicious day for one to begin their career. Black Monday taught him the difference between a bear market and a correction and the importance of liquidity. The key to success for him was to look at the macroeconomic picture and then to add a market call. He says, “You need to be able to see the whole field, and you can’t be stubborn.”

Since last fall 20% of global bonds have gone into negative territory. Gold is now in the early stages of a bull market, and interest rates and bond yields will drop from here.

Time Stamp References
0:45 – Davids surprising career start.
3:00 – Getting the macro view of the market.
5:10 – The difficulty in valuing precious metals.
6:30 – Central banks pivoting around the world.
8:45 – Market timing is tricky.
10:30 – Housing bubble and being too early.
13:00 – Globally leverage keeps increasing.
14:50 – Interest rate cycle and economies have peaked.
15:20 – Interest rates and bonds will decline.

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