David Skarica – FLASH CRASH! DOW -1100! How to Profit from Puts – August 25, 2015

Collin Kettell August 25, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

On Monday, August 24, the Palisade Capital Team rang the opening bell of the TSX, alongside Transeastern Power Trust (TSX-V: TEP.UN).

We will NEVER forget the moment, as the DOW crashed by 1100 points, making it the single largest intraday crash in history! Maybe we should have left the market closed?

Despite everything dropping, including gold & gold stocks, incredible gains were made on put options. Today, we speak with David Skarica to learn how to profit big time from put options!

We believe that yesterday’s crash marks the beginning of a bear market. Gold is likely to take off in the next 12 months, but it could be taken down by a deflationary crash.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make an extra pile of cash from the market crash?

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