David Skarica: Small Short Positions Can Make You a Fortune in a Black Swan Event – 03/08/15

Collin Kettell March 8, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

We have returning guest David Skarica with us in this week’s interview. David is well known in the investment industry for being the youngest person (at age 18), to complete the Canadian securities course and become a stock broker. David now writes his own newsletters on the economy, world events, and contrarian investments. We certainly appreciate David’s timely research on what’s going on in the markets, and where he puts his bets right now. Being short a stock or even a country’s bond market is something most investors never do. David gave us good advice on how to hit the jackpot when going short (and staying safe at the same time).

Takeaways from this interview with David:

● What David has to say about the negative yields in the bond market

● The stock market is a game of chickens, and where is the market going next?

● Which indexes are saying we could see a huge bull market in gold stocks!

● Key warning signs of a market top in general equities, but are we there yet?

● How a small short position right now, can turn into a fortune in a black swan event!

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