Florian Siegfried: The Disconnect Between Gold and Gold Stocks Will Flip

Collin Kettell March 2, 2018
Category: Palisade Videos

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Florian discusses where we are in the gold cycle and that we are past the bottoming in gold. In January 2016 we had the big run up until August, and since then things have been trading sideways. There were significant gains in miners, and some of this sideways action is profit-taking. The overall equity markets have seen good rallies, and the dollar remains weak. There is a disconnect between mining shares and the price of gold. We need to see fresh money rotate into gold stocks.

It’s an attractive time to enter some positions even though the gold market is currently rather dull. You can find good value in mid-cap producers. The rebalancing of GDX/GXDJ was hard on many mining stocks; there are still some good buys.

The stock market is always a good indicator of the economy, so the question is, have we hit an all-time high and is the general market about to roll over? The weak dollar has not been as supportive of the equity markets as it has in the past. Also, the interest rate environment appears to be reversing, particularly in the ten-year treasury and Libor rates. The bond market may no longer be supportive of the equity markets going forward.

He discusses Perseus Mining Limited and where they are at with their projects. He recommends OceanaGold and outlines how they have an excellent management team.

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