Frank Holmes: Time to Hedge Your Energy Stocks With JETS! – 05/10/15

Collin Kettell May 9, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

This week, we are bringing back Mr. Frank Holmes to the show. Frank is the CEO of US Global Investors, and enjoys a large following for his knowledge on the natural resource sectors and the world markets. US Global Investors just launched their new ETF called JETS, which will take advantage of the renaissance in airlines, and positive effects from low oil prices. This was a great opportunity to discuss JETS, and as always Frank’s insights into the monumental developments on the political arena in Asia!

Takeaways from this interview with Frank Holmes:

● The airline renaissance, and the ways airlines are tied in with the energy sector

● Why cashflow in the airline industry has skyrocketed!

● Gold: China’s Central Bank purchases and global demand discussed

● All about China and Russia’s monumental infrastructure plans…

● The mining sector, Frank’s favorites to keep an eye on!

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