Gianni Kovacevic: The Copper Bull Market is Only Just Starting

Collin Kettell January 10, 2019
Category: Palisade Videos

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Gianni drove an electric car across America and Europe in order to demonstrate the practicality of such vehicles. He makes a compelling case that the worlds energy needs in the coming years will move rapidly towards electrification. This demand requires enormous amounts of copper and aluminum. Many things that aren’t electric today like buses, trucks, and utility vehicles are all going to become electric. Wind farms and solar applications will continue to drive copper and aluminum demand.

TimeStamp References:
1:30 – The case for EV and copper demand.
3:00 – Copper development and lack of exploration.
3:40 – Copper is moving contrary to oil.
7:00 – Majority of undeveloped copper is low-grade.
8:00 – Few investors are paying attention to supply/demand.
10:00 – World energy electrification demand and growth.
14:30 – Optionality with copper and opportunities in helium.

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