Gwen Preston: November 5th Marked the Bottom in Gold – 02/22/15

Collin Kettell February 21, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

This week, we have a new guest on the show, Gwen Preston. Gwen is the publisher of, and prior to that spent her career as senior writer for the Northern Miner publication, and as a ghost writer for Marin Katusa & Casey Research. Gwen has a strong understanding of the mining industry, and provides subscribers with content on global macro perspectives, as well as mining deposits to place your bets on. Gwen certainly gave us sharp and intelligent advice on the current mining and gold market.

Takeaways from this week’s interview with Gwen:

● Why Gwen is so sure that gold bottomed on November 5th!

● The reason China caused gold to go down from $1300 to $1200 recently

● 5 reasons why we will see a rise in price of gold!

● Why 2015 will establish a base for the coming bull market

● Gwen’s secret sauce for identifying the next take out targets!

The title displayed on the background of the interview is published incorrectly, stating “November 15th Marked the Bottom in Gold.” This is not correct, as it does not represent the information presented in the interview. The title was meant to read “November 5th Marked the Bottom in Gold.” We apologize for this mistake.

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