Ian Ball: Above Average Capital Allocation Yields Above Average Results in Mining.

Collin Kettell December 13, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

Ian Ball brings us Abitibi Royalty Search, an online platform where mining companies in need of financing can easily submit geological data on their projects for consideration. In the mining sector above average capital allocation yields above average results.

The bottleneck in efficiency is in equipment provider innovation. Ian sheds light on our current position in the commodity market cycle, he expects the bottom within 12 months and his investment strategies reflect this. He advises to beware of share dilution in mining companies and not just opt for the cheapies.

Ian Ball was appointed president of Abitibi Royalties in 2014 ,Ian worked 10.5 years for Rob McEwen, initially at Goldcorp and then McEwen Mining. He most recently served as McEwen Mining’s president where he was responsible for overseeing production, construction and exploration activities throughout North and South America.

He was responsible for discovering McEwen Mining’s El Gallo 2 project, scheduled to become one of the 15 largest silver mines in the world and building the El Gallo 1 gold mine that is forecasted to produce 75,000 ounces gold in 2015.

Talking points from this week’s interview –

– Strategies for capital allocation

– Where are the bottlenecks in mine efficiency?

– Beware of excessive share dilution in mining stocks

– Companies seeking capital meet potential financiers via the internet

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