John Hathaway: Deficit Risks Will Fuel Gold Move Higher

Collin Kettell November 9, 2018
Category: Palisade Videos

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John feels that gold should be getting more of a bid, but investors remain lukewarm. In the near term, he is unsure of where gold is headed. Investors are becoming more aware of the dangers of deficit spending and the U.S. fiscal situation. Problems in the capital markets will cause investors to become discouraged and move into gold. Long-term he remains very bullish.
He feels the best performance gains will come from exploration companies. There is always excitement from a good drill hole or from resource estimates increasing. Larger companies will need juniors to replenish their reserves.

Time Stamp Reference:
00:50 – Sentiment in the gold markets
03:30 – Valuations of mining stocks.
05:00 – Strong dollar not necessarily bad for gold.
06:36 – Recent performance from large mining companies.
08:10 – Good explorers can bring excellence performance
10:30 – Streaming and Royalty performance going forward.
13:25 – Pessimism in some stocks may bring extra gains.
15:05 – U.S. fiscal situation, government in-action, and market risks.

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