John Williams: 2015 to Usher in US Dollar Hyperinflation – 11/30/14

Collin Kettell November 30, 2014
Category: Palisade Videos

This week we’re delighted to present a new guest to the show, Mr. John Wiliams. John is the founder and publisher of, which is an independent investigator and publisher of real government statistics in relation to the economy. John is regarded by many Austrian economists as a hero for his work on providing reliable numbers on inflation and other measures of economic activity.

This week, you’ll discover –

● The corruption and lies that pulled John into the world of government statistics

● Why tweaking the government statistics has literally screwed millions of Americans out of millions of dollars!

● Some of the most ridiculous ways in which government has twisted the inflation metrics

● Why John is predicting hyperinflation in 2015

● And, John’s very interesting price targets for gold in a high-inflationary environment

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