Jordan Roy-Byrne: As Yields Have Gone Negative, Gold Has Become a High Yielding Asset!

Jordan Roy Byrne February 14, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

This week, we had Jordan Roy-Byrne on the show. Jordan is a well-followed market technician and publisher of Jordan also posts a Weekly Market Update here at Palisade Radio, which has become very popular among subscribers. Our host, Collin Kettell sat down with Jordan and discussed some of the recent developments in the precious metals markets, along with outlook for 2015.

Take aways from this week’s interview with Jordan:

● Gold and Silver have risen alongside a strengthening USD. What happens when the USD has a pull back?

● Negative yields in Europe have made gold a high yielding asset

● Gold’s historical view makes Jordan question the outlook for gold today

● An important comparison: Gold vs. S&P

● Why deflation vs. inflation is important for silver

● How the Canadian dollar’s weakness will affect mining companies

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