Joseph Grosso: Uranium is the Horse that Starts Slow, But Wins the Race

Collin Kettell May 27, 2018
Category: Palisade Videos

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Joseph is Chairman of Blue Sky Uranium Corp. and he is a big believer in uranium. He became interested in Argentina with it’s vast size and potential. He looked for opportunities, and he discovered the incredible potential that became a life changer for him.

He likes to look for investments that are out of season, and he feels we are in one such market right now. Everyone should be patient and gradually invest for the next market cycle.

Uranium mostly due to human error has been put into the doldrums even though its still very vital to world energy needs. It’s just a matter of time before it will be needed again. For Argentina uranium has the potential to be a great winner. Blue Sky has a large area (150km by 50km) in Argentina where they are exploring and testing for large uranium deposits. The uranium they are discovering is mixed with vanadium, so they have two viable products. The targets they are looking at are immense.

Joseph feels a supply shortage is looming in uranium and that the price will rise in 2019. He thinks that uranium is worth betting on, while it may be behind right now he inevitably believes it will win the race.

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