Marin Katusa: On Leaving Casey Research & Why Speculating Is All About Private Placements

Collin Kettell June 7, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

Marin Katusa just parted ways with Casey Research. So what’s next? Today, we ask Marin about his future plans. Over the last decade, Marin Katusa has worked directly with and financed many companies of well-known individuals in the resource industry and has become one of the most trusted and well connected dealmakers in the junior resource sector.

During this time, he has become one of the most successful portfolio managers in the resource sector, such as his 2009 Fund Partnership (KC50 Fund, LLC) which has outperformed the comparable index, the TSX-V by over 600%.

With Marin’s extensive knowledge base in the resource sector, we asked him about what may lie ahead.

Takeaways from this interview with Marin:

• Why Marin parted ways with Casey Research following the acquisition by Stansberry & Associates?
• Speculating is all about private placements
• How $100,000 in this market is the equivalent of $2M, two years ago
• Oil is going to hit a ceiling real soon and Marin told you so!
• Marin believes the junior sector can get a lot, lot worse!
• What Marin really thinks about Vladimir Putin

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