Mike Swanson: Stock Market is Already Beginning to Crash! – 8/2/15

Collin Kettell August 1, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

Is the stock market about to crash? Is gold the place to be?

Mike Swanson has a M.A. in history and is an expert on financial and monetary history. He is the editor and publisher of WallStreetWindow, which focuses on strategic trend investing with a focus on the precious metals and currency markets.
Swanson was a 2002 Robbins Trading Champion and is the President of USA Capital, Inc., a private investment management company. He also serves as an advisor to Daniel Capital Management, an independent investment advisory firm.

Talking points from this week’s interview –

• 60% of stocks are below their 200-day moving average, evidence enough for Mike that we are entering a bear market
• Mike discloses a telltale sign that a major crash is just over the horizon
• How the silver blow-off in 2011 is eerily similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average today
• Why returns in a bear market, when you are positioned right, can be huge!

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