Nick Giambruno: Why Singapore is the Highest Rated Jurisdiction for Gold Storage – 11/23/14

Collin Kettell November 23, 2014
Category: Palisade Videos

This week we are delighted to have Nick Giambruno, senior editor of Doug Casey’s, as our guest. Nick has a long held passion for diversification of one’s assets and citizenship, so that people are not subject to only one government’s control.
As we all know and often worry about as investors – the government is a big part of our investment lives.

Tune in to get Nick’s perspective on

● Second passports for American citizens, and various way of obtaining one

● How to hold precious metals in your IRA offshore, and what countries to hold it in

● Why financial privacy is dead, and Edward Snowden’s secret mission for NSA in Switzerland before his current exile

● Why the Fed once again is likely to drive the price of gold upwards

● And, how Nick Giambruno met Doug Casey, the original International Man

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