Nolan Watson: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Mining Mogul – 12/7/14

Collin Kettell December 6, 2014
Category: Palisade Videos

This week, we are happy to present CEO of Sandstorm Gold, Mr. Nolan Watson. Nolan became the first employee of Silver Wheaton, and was instrumental in building the company to a multi billion dollar silver streamer. Nolan went on to found Sandstorm Gold in 2008, which is now a successful gold streaming company. Nolan is fairly young, considering his achievements, and has made a good amount of money so far in the mining sector. This was a real good opportunity for us figure out why and how he did it.

Takeaways from this week’s interview with Nolan:

● Why streaming companies are well positioned to acquire streams even in a bad market like today

● How and why many low quality mining companies will dilute their shareholders when money starts flowing into the sector again

● How investors can position themselves to take advantage of the coming bull market in gold stocks

● What passion is, and why it’s crucial for any entrepreneur!

● Nolan’s own views on philanthropy, and how he himself deploys his own money in philanthropic efforts

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