Pat DiCapo: A Focus On Discovery Investing

Collin Kettell September 18, 2013
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Pat Dicapo: We Are In A Bottoming Out Phase In Gold

When writing a check, Pat looks for companies with strong management, projects in the right jurisdiction, and a capital structure that allows investors to see tremendous upside in the case of a discovery.

In terms of the Venture Exchange, Pat believes that we are in a bottoming out phase. He believes that companies unable to raise cash or without a good asset will likely disappear. In this bottoming out phase, lie tremendous opportunities for discovery investors.

Pat remains very excited about what is happening in the gold market. He states that by selecting companies with quality management and high-grade world-class assets, with sufficient funding, those assets will win at the end of the day.

In conclusion, Pat believes that gold will be significantly higher than where we are today.

Pat DiCapo is a founder of PowerOne Capital Markets Limited. As the Managing Director of PowerOne, Mr. Dicapo is responsible for managing the Firm and structuring corporate finance transactions. Since founding PowerOne, Pat has been involved in over 250 transactions involving emerging private and public companies with a total value in excess of $1.75 billion.

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