Peter Krauth: Gold Is Hated And That Is Exactly Why You Should Be Interested – 11/22/15

Collin Kettell November 23, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

The US Dollar Index is nearing 100 yet again, but has not broken through. Peter Krauth, publisher of sees more positives than negatives for the precious metals. One bright spot is gold priced in some of the largest currencies worldwide.

Peter Krauth is founder and publisher of Real Money Report (,
focusing on value within precious metals, resources, and other investment sectors.
He’s an analyst and author whose work has been featured on numerous investment websites.

Talking points for this week’s interview –

• Why investors are missing the bigger picture for precious metals?
• How gold being hated is a good thing?
• Is there a way for central banks to get away with all the money printing?
• Peter’s favorite stock picks!
• A technology poised to change mining forever…

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