Rick Rule: Janet Yellen Rate Hike Failure to Trigger Massive Gold Rally – 7/26/15

Collin Kettell July 26, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

In 2015, Gold & Gold related equities equate to just 1/3rd of 1 percent of investable assets in the United States. Contrast that against a top of 8% in 1980 and a mean of 1.5% over the last 30 years and Rick Rule can say without a doubt that gold is undervalued!

Get the following questions answered in this interview with Rick –

• Was last week the beginning of capitulation in the mining sector?
• Why Rick thinks that the USD is a crucial metric for gold?
• How an interest rate hike failure could prove bullish for gold?
• Where will the first battlefield for gold will be this year?
• Why this bear market has been so treacherous compared to ones in the past?

Also, tune in to hear about the two lessons that Rick has learned from the current bear market and Rick provides our entire audience with his personal email address and invites you to reach out!

Mr. Rule has dedicated his entire adult life to many aspects of natural resources securities investing. In addition, to the knowledge and experience gained in a long, successful and focused career, he has a worldwide network of contacts in the natural resource and finance worlds. As Chairman of Sprott US Holdings, Mr. Rule leads a team of earth science and finance professionals who are experienced with resource investment management.

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