Rick Rule: Uranium Series Part 8: Upside in Uranium Price is Absolutely Inevitable

Collin Kettell October 26, 2018
Category: Palisade Videos

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When investing in uranium companies, you want to make sure they are well funded, that they actually have uranium and that it’s not merely in the title of the company. Rick argues that placing your money in the best of the best companies will likely do better than wildly speculating.

Nuclear still represents 15% of U.S. baseload energy needs and therefore in the coming years either the lights will go out, or the price of uranium will go up.

Time Stamp Reference:
00:40 – Too early to draw any conclusions from recent market action.
02:00 – A liquidity crisis will hit stocks including gold stocks.
03:40 – Optimistic about uranium stocks but be selective.
05:10 – Previous uranium bull market performance.
06:45 – Utility companies are very tight-lipped.
08:05 – Value proposition of uranium juniors.
09:20 – Uranium stock picking strategies.
11:30 – Vanadium outlook and risks.
15:00 – Comparison of the cost of uranium vs. the cost of reactors.

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