Rob Crayfourd & Keith Watson: Uranium Series Part 9: Kazatomprom is a Game Changer

Collin Kettell October 31, 2018
Category: Palisade Videos

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We are joined by Robert Crayfourd and Keith Watson from New City Natural Resources who are fund managers for their Geiger Counter Limited fund. They discuss how the uranium market is continuing to tighten as reactors are built. Many countries need energy that is carbon emission free.

Further incentive pricing and long-term contracts are required to restart mines and bring on more production. The in-elasticity of uranium demand means that large price increases will not have an effect on the needs of the nuclear energy industry.

Time Stamp Reference:
00:40 – Introductions and backgrounds
02:30 – Uranium market is getting tighter, and demand is increasing.
05:10 – Reactor restart timelines are difficult to obtain.
05:50 – Japan has nuclear in their strategic plans.
07:50 – Demand reduction risks could come from Germany and France.
13:10 – What will send the price upwards?
17:45 – KazAtomProm is increasingly competitive business wise.
19:45 – Uranium not correlated to the regular markets.
22:30 – Cameco will not restart McArthur River until above $45.00
23:45 – NexGen is an attractive resource.

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