Rob McLeod: Climate Change Leading to Major New Mineral Discoveries – 7/5/15

Collin Kettell July 4, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

Meet the man who helped to precipitate the largest staking rush in the Yukon since the Klondike Gold Rush!

Mr. Rob McLeod is the President and CEO of IDM Mining Ltd., advancing the Red Mountain gold deposit in British Columbia; he is also CEO of Full Metal Minerals Ltd., an Alaska-focused exploration company with numerous discoveries to his credit. Previously, he was founder and VP Exploration of Underworld Resources. Kinross Gold Corporation acquired Underworld for $140M after an initial resource estimate of over 1.4Moz gold at the White gold Deposit in the Yukon.

Talking points of our interview cover –

• How is climate change positively impacting Canadian exploration companies?
• Find out which of Canada’s hottest mines were just uncovered by melting glaciers
• Why you should be looking for high grade, low CAPEX projects.
• And how to finance a mine with a CAPEX that is multiples of a company’s market cap?
• How Rob’s Underworld Discovery led to the largest staking rush in the Yukon since the Klondike!

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