Robert Baylis: The Supertrend for Lithium is Still Intact

Collin Kettell November 6, 2018
Category: Palisade Videos

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Robert brings us his understanding of the lithium space. Only recently have automakers and governments focused on particulate matter what China describes as “cleaning the skies.” These policies have pushed the electric vehicle industry forward and thus the increased need for batteries. Meanwhile prices for batteries have been falling while their capacity and capabilities have increased and we are now at the point where electric vehicles can compete directly with fossil fueled cars.

The automobile industry is going through a huge technological shift. It’s a new type of tech that everyone wants, and at some point, electric vehicles will become the dominant transportation method. This means that enormous economic scaling is needed and thus a lot of lithium will be required.

Time Stamp Reference:

01:10 – Lithium history and promise.
02:20 – Electric Vehicles dominant market for lithium.
03:50 – Lithium supply pricing and contracts.
06:00 – Demand growth fundamentals.
06:50 – OEM’s moving into the marketplace.
08:40 – Possible risks with the lithium space?
10:00 – Electric vehicles likely to dominate.
11:00 – Possible future battery technology.

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