Tommy Humphreys: How Mining Titans like Giustra, Lundin, and Beaty are Playing the Downturn

Collin Kettell March 15, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

This week, we have a new guest on the show, Tommy Humphreys. Tommy is the man behind CEO.CA, a website which is providing exceptional articles, interviews, and educational content to natural resource investors. It was about time that we got Tommy on the show, as he has done a lot of work for the sector in terms of promoting good investments. Since Tommy regularly spends time with the sharpest minds of the natural resource sector (Lundin, Gisutra, Casey, etc.), we know how valuable his perspective is.

In this week’s interview with Tommy Humphreys, get valuable advice on:

● Why the Lundin family is exceptional in their investments, and Tommy’s personal experience with Lukas Lundin

● How industry titans like Frank Giustra, Robert Friedland and Ross Beaty are taking advantage of a depressed mining market

● Create your fortune by playing the market cycles in natural resources!

● How Tommy’s friend turned $100,000 into $17,000,000 in just a couple short years with this strategy…

● CEO.CA’s new mobile app to connect mining investors

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