Cornerstone Metals – World Class Mining Investor Joins The Team

Palisade Research July 31, 2018
Category: Research

Fresh off a $1.3 billion exit from Arizona Mining – prolific resource investor Tookie Angus is looking for his next big score. . .

As a little recap: Tookie Angus was the original owner of Arizona Mining’s Hermosa Project – before selling it and remaining a long-term investor.

In fact, Tookie has a strong knack for being involved in acquisitions – here are some examples:


He served as a Director of Canico Resources until its takeover by Brazil’s CVRD in 2005. . .

Director of Bema Gold until its takeover by Kinross Gold in 2007. . .

Director of Ventana Gold until its takeover by AUX Canada Acquisition in 2011. . .

And a Director of Plutonic Power until its merger with Magma Energy in 2011. . .


We recently interviewed Tookie on Palisade Radio to get his insight on the coming gold bull market and what companies are on his radar. Highlighted is another Palisade investment – Rover Metals (ROVR.V).

Thus, with his extensive experience and history – we are very excited with his appointment to the Advisory board of Cornerstone Metals (CVE:CCC, FRA: 1PY,  OTCMKTS:CCCCF).

In our minds – not only does this validate Cornerstone as a great investment, but also expediates a coming acquisition.

Cornerstone’s CEO, Paul Cowley, specifically mentioned Tookie’s track record in takeovers as a major reason for bringing him aboard.


This makes Cornerstone Metals our top vanadium play – by far.

And here are some reasons why. . .

– Attractive future vanadium supply/demand fundamentals

– In a safe mining location

– Enormous high-quality asset

– Extremely cheap relative to intrinsic value

– Attractive Recovery Rates

– Quality Managerial Team

– And significant resource expansion upside


Cornerstone has an upcoming drill program in the fall. And is fast-tracking towards a Pre-feasibility Study (PFS) for 2019.

Ten million shares became free-trading yesterday and the stock is holding strong – a testament to their flagship project and the investor base it’s attracted.


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