Tres Knippa: Bond Crisis Coming in Japan & Major Devaluation in Chinese Yuan in 2015 – 1/11/15

Collin Kettell January 10, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

This week, returning guest and floor trader at the CME, Tres Knippa is our guest. Apart from being a seasoned trader, Tres manages money for clients wanting to benefit from a devaluation in the Japanese currency, the yen. While the US Fed is slowing down it’s financial stimulus program (QE), Japan is doing the exact opposite – Japan is increasing its money supply at a rapid rate, faster than any other nation.

In this new interview with Tres, you’ll discover:

● How Japan is deliberately devaluing their currency, and why that will have the opposite effect from that intended by the Japanese government

● Two short trades which everyone should be involved in, to profit from the coming Japanese currency insanity

● Why Tres is long gold when playing his short strategy

● 100 fold gains from short positions played by patient investors

● Finally, one of Tres’ other core holdings. A sector which no one is talking about – which literally is a “gold rush” in the US and in Europe right now.

Interview with Mark Hart:

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