Anthony Milewski: 2018 Is Going to be the Year of Grid Storage

Collin Kettell January 9, 2018
Category: Palisade Videos

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Anthony discusses Cobalt 27 and how they did well this past year. 2017 was the breakout year for the electric vehicle market, and it is accelerating faster than most analysts anticipated. He thinks a new story will emerge this year that will shape the market.

This story is the concept of grid storage which involves attaching large battery banks to the electric grid. All power grids globally have demand for this technology. Tesla’s grid solution in Australia has demonstrated how this technology can dramatically improve electrical systems.

Grid storage applications will require a sizeable quantity of lithium ion-based batteries and will likely move towards vanadium based batteries that are in development. Vanadium is an interesting technology, but there are risks. If you are looking at vanadium, you may want a small speculative investment.

E.V sales have continued to impress analysts. The coming quarters will likely continue to show an increasing demand for them. The nickel sector is going to be a sleeper as the market has not yet priced in this potential.

He feels the broader equity markets will show the most gains during the first half of the year with the second half driven by quantitative easing concerns. We are still well below the peak of the last commodity supercycle. Ultimately money will flow into commodities. As a result, he thinks copper equities will have a big year.

Automakers have a different view of the transportation market. They see Electric Vehicles as a means to bring autonomous vehicles to the marketplace. They are looking at how to get cars to drive and park themselves.

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