Brien Lundin: Move In Gold Predicts Future Market Uncertainty

Collin Kettell August 13, 2017
Category: Palisade Videos

We often see a rise toward the end of the summer, and gold usually ends the season higher than at the start. The latest gains seem to be based on geopolitical news, and these kind of moves are often “flashes in the pan.” Gold has a definite bullish posture in this market. This indicates that something is coming, the real reasons for its rise are revealed later.

The stock market needs a small decline which will have a large upward change in the precious metals. There has been some short covering in the paper market. Small changes there can create bigger structural changes which could have long term effects.

Brien thinks sentiment may be shifting as he is seeing a lot of smart money beginning to enter the sector. The Fed and other central banks ability to tighten rates in this environment are severely curtailed.

Brien discusses Thunderstruck Resources and how they have secured a large property in Fiji. It has two high-grade zinc-copper deposits, and there are some exciting potential targets on the property including gold. They are about to embark on an exploration project.

Brien is the host of the New Orleans Investment Conference which takes place October 25-28th. They are known for big name speakers and mining companies which this include Charles Krauthammer, Tucker Carlson, Judy Shelton, Robert Kiyosaki, Doug Casey, Peter Schiff, Rick Rule and Dennis Gartman. Lots of entertainment and room to mingle with other investors.

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