Cristiano Veloso: Multi-Nutrient Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture

Collin Kettell November 21, 2017
Category: Palisade Videos

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Cristiano talks about the agricultural commodities like potash and why its essential for world food production. He is the founder and CEO of Verde Agritech, a company that is creating advanced fertilizers.

He talks about Alysson Paolinelli, a Brazilian agronomic engineer who received the 2006 World Food Prize for his role in transforming the Cerrado area of Brazil into productive farmland. He was instrumental in converting that region which has greatly benefited the world. Mr. Paolinelli is a board member with Verde Agritech and although in his eighties is still very active.

Potash is often a fairly uninteresting product that often doesn’t attract investors due to the high costs of mining. They have a scalable business plan that doesn’t require high cap-ex.

Mr. Veloso discusses his SuperGreenSand product which is a multi-nutrient multi-purpose product. They have a PFS coming out. They currently produce 100,000 tons per year, and they want to increase production to several million tons in 2018.

The company will be funded from accumulated cash flow. Cannabis, coffee, and sugar cane production are just some of the existing markets for their product. Growers are looking for products with low or no salinity and for more holistic ways of improving production.

This product is better for the environment in that it doesn’t have salinity and chloride problems. It helps farmers establish a more sustainable product by improving the soil and produces better plants more resistant to weather, pests, disease, and drought.

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