Gregor Gregersen: Gold, Silver Storage & Lending For Hard Assets in the World’s Safest Jurisdiction

Collin Kettell November 28, 2017
Category: Palisade Videos

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Gregor discovered how the entire banking system is built on trust back in 2008. He realized that the entire system could have collapsed. The problems which caused the 2008 financial crisis has been papered over and the fundamental issues have not changed. He understood the disconnect between the paper price of silver and the physical price.

Gregor discusses Silver Bullion SG a company he started in Singapore where individuals can securely store their gold and silver. They just hold your precious metals and validate their authenticity. They do this without counterparty risk as your assets are marked, segregated and you hold the title. The company holds over 230 million in hard assets.

Using peer to peer lending you can withdraw up to half of your holdings in loans at low-interest rates. For example, if you have $100k worth of gold you can deposit and take out a loan for 50k at around 3.5% interest per year. It allows you to unlock value from your precious metals. His system is a self-adjusting system and currently, there are more lenders than borrowers.

Gregor thinks cryptocurrencies are complimentary to gold and silver because they are outside the financial system. They accept Bitcoin for payment and you can transfer funds easily and it is a very liquid form of money. They are also working on a method to securely store your cryptocurrencies in a hacker-proof physical cold wallet inside their vaults.

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