Daniel Ameduri- Prepare Yourself For Life-Changing Gains With Precious Metals Stocks

Collin Kettell December 4, 2016
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Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends has been studying the economy since he was young. These days he is happily helping people achieve their financial dreams. He believes we are now in unprecedented times, and that the US is in a structural depression. He thinks people who still use the 1980’s portfolio investment model will likely get hurt in the next 12 months to 4 years.

As for precious metals, the Trump presidency should be great for resource stocks across the board. The metals market is experiencing optimism, and so far it’s been great for copper, zinc, & lithium. The big picture, is that we probably will see a much higher gold and silver price- purely from supply and demand fundamentals.. If we see another smash down, or we make new lows- then he expects a short bear market, perhaps for the next 12 months.

Daniel thinks that scenario is unlikely though. If you look at a cyclical bear and bull market, we are in a bull market and the bear market was brutal- which most likely means the bull market will be just as spectacular going the other way. In the next 1-4 years, Daniel believes that absolute fortunes will be made in the precious metals sector for stocks.

If silver goes to $50, some of the mining shares are going to go up 20-50 times. If silver goes up to $100 it’s going to be a generational-type investment for stockholders! In this interview, Daniel also tells you where you can get the core Future Trends stock selections, and also names one outside of the Future Trends group which has the perfect blend of financing, marketing, and mining company building.

Palisade Global Investments Ltd. owns shares of Inca One Gold and has been compensated by the company to provide market awareness.

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