Gerardo Del Real: Focus on the Megatrends – Copper, Lithium, and Nickel

Collin Kettell February 8, 2018
Category: Palisade Videos

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Gerardo discusses the markets and why he thinks they will continue to head up. Recent price movements may have shaken some of the millennials, and some volatility is useful. He feels the upward action in the markets will continue much to the dismay of the perma-bears.

Every time there has been a material event gold has failed to pass that 1370 resistance level. Until we get through that, we won’t see a bull market in gold. We likely need another break lower to re-test the 1050 level in gold before the bull run gets started. The drop will be brief and violent.

If you keep it simple investing and speculating is not that difficult. If you look at the five-year chart for copper or zinc, you will see we are in a bull market. He says “We have raised our copper and zinc exposure in our newsletter along with an excellent pick in the lithium space.”

2018 is also likely to be very important for uranium particularly if there are any more cuts.

Nickel stocks have been going lower in spite of higher prices and stocks are likely to snap higher. This is an opportunity to add to your positions.

Copper usage in electric vehicles is very under-reported. If you look at the global infrastructure that will be needed in this space is enormous and the upside is great. Lithium will almost certainly do the same.

He discusses three copper companies that he likes that he feels have tremendous potential.

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