Doug Casey: You Have To Like Trump – My Bank Account Certainly Does

Collin Kettell February 10, 2017
Category: Palisade Videos

Doug predicted that Trump would win. He expects the administration to encourage resource development and reduce regulation, but says Trump lacks an understanding of basic economics. You have to like Trump, since the creatures of the swamp in Washington D.C. seem to hate him so viscerally. However, he may continue the foreign policies of his predecessors.

He thinks a stock market sell off is still likely considering the many distortions and misallocations in capital that exist. He is concerned that Trump could be the next Herbert Hoover, and that he may be painted incorrectly as a free market guy.

Doug is not interested in industrial commodities and oil, due to fracking and horizontal drilling which is producing a lot of oil. Electric cars, solar, and battery technology seem to be the way of the future. Mr. Casey is very bullish on uranium fundamentals as nuclear power is still the cleanest, safest method of mass power generation. Uranium is currently selling at about half of it’s production costs. There are four hundred nuclear plants in the world with another hundred being built.

Doug sees gold as a chaos hedge, he expects continued financial difficulties due to ongoing money printing, at some point there will be a panic and gold will rise. He discusses streaming royalty companies and how they can be a safe way to get into the precious metal markets. It’s an investment that you can hold for the long term, which is not common for the mining industry. He also briefly explains his nine keys strategy of examining a company, before investing in it.

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